Monday, 11 April 2016

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 6, Release date, specs, Price and Rumours

Samsung has unarguably metamorphosed into becoming one of the biggest companies in the smartphone market. It is no small wonder that there has been a lot of buzz around the rumoured release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. A lot of consumers are waiting with bated breath in order to see what new wonderful features Samsung plans to introduce with the rumoured Galaxy Note 6.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has been rumoured to have a lot of improvements over its predecessors, as one would reasonably expect. The Note 6 is rumoured to have a display of 6 inches. This could be quite large for a smartphone, however we can be rest assured that it would not have a screen size of less than 5.5 inches.

The Note 6 is also rumoured to have a battery of 4000 mAh. This is not all as it is also said to possess a whopping 6 GB of RAM. News going around also has it that the device would come with its own phablet dock which would enable the device to be converted into a hybrid notebook.

The release date for this astounding device is said to be around mid-July. It is also rumoured to come shipped with the latest Android N operating system.

If you are observant, you would notice that throughout my brief introduction, the word “rumour” has been used quite a lot. This is due to the fact that Samsung has not even made an official announcement concerning the phone. Thus, there is a mighty chance that this phone does not even exist in the first place.

However, it is general knowledge that there is always an iota of truth in every rumour. So, there is a very fat chance that this phone does exist and would be all the rage that it is perceived to be. Therefore, let us get along into all the little specific details about the Note 6, its price, release date and specifications.

So… When is the Release Date for the Note 6?

When it comes to the release date of their devices, Samsung is quite inconsistent. This makes it less easy for one to accurately guess when the Galaxy Note 6 would be released. Fortunately, according to South Korean Media, it is rumoured that this device would be out around mid-July. This is just rumour, so, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this statement.

Until an official announcement, all rumoured release dates are at best, speculation. However, following the history of the release of previous GalaxyNote devices, one can make a wild guess as to when the Note 6 is likely to be released. These are the release dates of previous Note devices:

Galaxy Note 3: September 4th (reveal date), 23 September (release date)
Galaxy Note 4: August 13th (Reveal Date), October (Release Date)
Galaxy Note 5: August 21 (Release Date)
Going from the above, one can safely pinpoint the release date to be within the months of August and September. If the worst comes to the worst, then the device could be released in October.

Regardless of the speculation concerning the release date, we can be certain that a Galaxy Note 6 is in the works. This is due reports by TechRadar and Forbes which cite an unnamed source at a UK phone network as saying:

Samsung isn’t going to launch the S7 Edge+ in the UK. I got the impression that it had been a bit of a disappointment sales-wise and that the decision to keep the Note 5 out of Europe is now considered a mistake. So our information is that the Note 6 will launch in the UK in August and that there will be no S7 Edge+.

However, when Samsung was approached for a comment, it stated that it cannot comment on an article which is based on rumour and speculation.

What Specifications Should Be Expected in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

As previously stated, there hasn’t been any official release by Samsung regarding this device. However other sources have pinpointed to a handful of wonderful new specs for this device.
For one, it is rumoured that the Note 6 would come with a 6-inch 4K/UHD display. This might seem quite large for a phone, however, this is Samsung we are talking about.

There’s also serious speculation about the memory upgrades. Different sources state that the Note 6 would come with a whopping 6 GB of RAM. Now, this is really high class. With this large amount of RAM, you can be sure that this phone would be able to do a whole lot more than your average smartphone. Plus, it is also rumoured that the Galaxy note 6 would come with a hyper fast UFS 2.0 memory on a 256 GB chip.

Rumour also has it that this device would come with the latest Android OS, Android N.
So, let us go further to dissect these various specification and see what they are likely to offer to us.

General Specs for the Galaxy Note 6

Samsung has become well noted for its use of different processor chips in different smartphone markets all over the world. In the East-Asian market, it is rumoured that the processor to be used is the custom-built Exynos 8890. For the Western markets, it is rumoured that the processor to be used would be Qualcomm’s new snapdragon 820 SoC.
It is also rumoured that the Galaxy Note 6 would come with a whopping 6GB of RAM. This is quite a handful from Samsung. But nothing less should be expected from the Smartphone giant. 

For storage, at least three options are on the table: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. However, it is also rumoured that Samsung might utilise its UFS 2.0 memory chip for the Galaxy Note 6. This gives users about 256GB of hyper fast storage. This would be quite very impressive from Samsung.

Also, it has been rumoured that the primary camera for this device would be about 20 megapixels. Nothing less is expected from Samsung since other models also have a high camera quality. For the front camera, it is rumoured that it would have a specification of 6 MP. This gives a lot of room for selfie takers to engage in narcissism all day.

What We Can Say About the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Battery Life?

Till we actually test the device, we would not be able to give an accurate report on the expected battery life of this device.

However, it is rumoured that the Galaxy Note 6 would have a 4000 mAh battery. This is way more than the 3,000 mAh that came with the Galaxy Note 5. Thus, a stronger battery life is expected from this device. If this is coupled with the fact that the device would have a Snapdragon 820, everything appears to be all well and good.

However, the large screen size could be a serious drain on the strength of the battery. With a rumoured 6-inch display, this device would be very power hungry.

So, as previously stated, I guess we all have to wait till the phone has been actually tested before verdict can be given on the quality of the battery life.

What are the Specs for the Screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

The Note 6 is rumoured to come with a 6-inch display. It is also said to be the first Samsung smartphone to offer a 4K/UHD screen resolution. 

If we compare this with the Galaxy Note 5, we can see that the Note 5 came with a 5.7 inch display and a QHD resolution of 1,440 x 2,560. One would be inclined to think that Samsung would stick to this considering the success of the Note 5.

However, with a rumoured 4,000 mAh battery, one wonders what the extra battery life would be used for. So it is best to assume that considering the battery capacity, a 6-inch screen size would not be considered out of place.

Another important feature to be noted is whether or not Samsung would include its S-Pen with the Note 6. Considering the fact that Apple is also sporting its own Apple pencil stylus.
Another rumour that is fast circulating is the fact that the Note 6 would come with a phablet dock that could help the user convert the phone to a miniature laptop hybrid. 

Till Samsung releases an official announcement, we can as well be certain that we are in the dark concerning these features.

What OS Would the Galaxy Note 6 Run On?

There is a lot of serious contention as to the Android OS on which the Galaxy Note 6 would run. If we are to go by the previous trends, we can safely assume that the Note 6 would run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 

However, recent reports from South Korean media postulate that the Note 6 would be running on the latest Android 7.o, also called Android N. Considering the fact that the Android N developer preview is already live, the Galaxy Note 6 might actually break away from the trend and use Android N.

What is the Possible Price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

Since there hasn’t been any official release regarding the Galaxy Note 6, the best we can do is to speculate what the price would be. Since this is Samsung, we should expect the price to also be worth it. A way to predict the price would be to check the price of the previous models. In the UK, these are the prices for the previous models:

Galaxy Note 5 – £450
Galaxy Note 4 – £629
Galaxy Note 3 – £619
If we could ignore the weird price of the Note 5, we can safely assume that the price of the Note 6 would be around £625, give or take £30.
The Bottom Line
The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 promises to be a very awesome device if and when it is released. If you want a very high powered device with a lot of extensive top notch features, then this phone is for you. However, you have to back up your want with the purchasing power. If you are a person that does a lot on his device, and you have the means, then go ahead and get the Note 6 whenever it is released!!